Losing my mind...

Good morning everyone,

I wrote this blog on April 30 but I was in a rush so I forgot to click the "post it" button. Sorry for that. After reading this one, the May 1st one makes more sense...(it also explains why no one emailed me at 9am to check if I was alive or not...ha ha!)

I must be losing my mind...I've decided to walk to work today. The weather is so beautiful that I can't resist the temptation. For those of you who don't know, I live in Koihonmachi and it is about 5 kilometres (Canadian spelling) to the school. I'll be carrying my laptop too as added torture...ha ha!

Could someone please email me around 9am to make sure that I'm not passed out in a ditch between here and Hacchobori (the location of the school)...ha ha!

Seriously though, it is a beautiful today and I'm looking forward to our first Free Chat. I'm hoping it'll be a similar atmosphere to the opening party (minus the bagels that nobody ate...ha ha).

I looked everywhere for my camera and it has disappeared in the move to one of the 4 boxes that I am afraid to open...I will keep looking and hopefully add some pictures to the blog soon.

I will post another blog tonight!