Only 10 000 yen to go...

Good afternoon everyone,

Well, last night we went out to Antonio's and it was fun! It is certainly a lot quieter on weekdays! If you want to try it someday you should go on a weekend-it'll be loud but that is part of the reason to go to Antonio's. It is definitely not a date-place...ha ha! But we only managed to spend 20 000 yen so I'll be going to the Kirin Beer Garden tonight (no drinking! I'm definitely getting old-once a week is enough!...ha ha!) and I'll buy some t-shirts and souvenirs with my last 10000 yen.

Today isn't as rainy as I thought it was going to be so I'll be heading to Aeon-Gion to see what it's like...I might ride my bike-just for the fun of it.

In Canada we don't have a rainy season-actually we have a snowy season. We actually get most of our precipitation in the form of snow over the winter. So if the winter is really dry the farmers all worry about next year's crops. In Japan we need a good rainy season or a couple of typhoons to provide us with enough water for the crops. Not that I'm experiencing a hot humid rainy season again I'm sticking to my original opinion that getting precipitation as snow in the winter is much, much better...ha ha! The only advantage to rainy season is you don't have to shovel rain...

Have a great day!