Summer memories...

Good morning everyone,

I like to think that I'm a bit of a romantic but I admit that it's hard when you're growing up the youngest of four boys...ha ha! There were not a lot of discussions about why we are here or what is the point of life. There were mostly burping contests (to see who could say the most letters of the alphabet while burping), writing our name in the snow with pee (sorry girls-you can't do this one...ha ha!) or pro-wrestling matches.

Pro-wrestling was really popular when I was growing up. Not only watching it, but having them as well. Just like with our forts, we would spend as much time preparing the ring as we would using it. We would scour flea markets and auction sales (before the days of internet we had real auctions-they were so great to be at)looking for a bell or other parts we could use.

An auction was like a festival for kids. There were animals to watch and if we were lucky, we would convince our dad to buy a pig or chicken for us. Whenever we got our own animal, we had to feed it, clean its pen and our dad would charge us for the feed and when the pig had a litter we would raise them and sell them and get to keep the money for ourselves. It was hard work but we definitely had a lot more spending money then our friends! At the auction sale the local church ladies would sell pies and coffee to raise money for one cause or another and the men would sit around and talk over a beer but the kids would be in the barn looking for treasures, usually in the form of newborn kittens or really, really old chicken eggs that smelled worse than natto (if that is possible...ha ha!)

As most of you know, it's my dream to have my own farm someday and do farmstays/English lessons for foreigners. I guess I want to have my own farm so that I can show people who live in cities and countries around the world that life on a Canadian farm isn't all dirt and hard work, it is fun and exciting too. I hope I can do it someday-there will definitely be a discount for Urban English School Students...ha ha!

Have a great day!

PS Tonight I am having the first annual Summer Party at my school from 6pm. All are welcome. For students the fee is one point and for guests it is 2000yen. Drinks are included. Hope to see you later.