Back from the big city....

Good morning everyone,

Well, Osaka was great to visit...unfortunately it wasn't much different than when I was going there for work...I went to the trade show, had a few drinks and came home...ha ha! I guess I will have to go there on a holiday someday.

The trade show wasn't at all what I expected-it had some interesting stuff, things that I might be interested in buying if i had my own shop, but it also had a lot of useless trinkets and beads that I don't know who would want to buy. The only people who might be interested in them are girls who make their own jewellery, I guess but the market can't be very big.

Then I ended up on the roof of the Ramada Inn at a beer garden-it was fantastic! If only we had such great beer gardens in Hiroshima. It was only slightly more expensive than here but the quality was two or three times better! They had a bbq with lamb and steak and served salad and was amazing especially for the price! The lighting and music set a relaxing mood and we could have a great time. I highly recommend it if you ever have a chance to go to a beer garden in Osaka.

But now it's back to work...Zzzz...ha ha!

Have a great day!