Too convenient convenience store

Good morning everyone,

Hmmm...I'm running out of expressions to describe how great the weather has been without repeating myself...suffice to say, it is another day where the weather is the epitome of perfection. I'd call it an Indian Summer, but it hasn't really been cold enough yet to say it has become warm again...(to my friends in Canada...sorry...ha ha!)

Last night a 7/11 opened near my apartment and according to the flyer I received in the mail, I should be grateful that my area has been blessed with a new convenience store. Well, personally I'm happy because 7/11 is my favorite 'conbini' (convenience store-for those of you in Canada) in Japan, but I'm not convinced that we really needed one. Perhaps it is because I'm Canadian and we aren't used to having convenience stores being so...well...convenient. Before this 7/11 opened there was a Lawson, a Family Mart, 2 Sunkus' and a 2 7/11s all within a 10 minute walk from my apartment. You would think that would be enough...ha ha! I'm not complaining, it's right on my way home so it couldn't be more convenient, but I'm worried about being tempted to stop on a regular basis and buy food that I neither need nor really want...I have to be strong...ha ha! I am not the model of about you? Are you good at resisting temptation?

Have a great day!