New Year's Eve

Good afternoon everyone,

Well, I had plans to do a lot of stuff today, but here I am at 6:00 and I'm still in my pjs...ha ha! So, sorry I can't tell you what the weather is like outside because I haven't been out yet today...ha ha! I did see the snow this morning-it was fantastic! I'm only sorry that it isn't still here for me to have a white New Year...ha ha!

While I was in Tokyo, I checked out Zara, H&M and Takashimaya Times Square (the largest department store in Japan) too and all of them were great! I had a lot of fun shopping-ok, to be honest, it was mostly window shopping. I didn't buy anything at half the stores and the ones I did shop at, I only bought small things, like a shirt or hat. I know they were things I probably could've bought in Hiroshima but it was so fun to do it in Tokyo! It was, however, equally nice to get home! I sometimes think that the best part of being on holidays is looking forward to being at home again.

I didn't eat as well as I would've liked to in Tokyo-don't get me wrong, the food was great but I was hoping it would've been a bit more exotic...ahh...oh, well, next time.

Well, I suppose I should go change out of my pjs...ha ha!

When I was young, I would just be starting to drink and get warmed up for the countdown party but I think tonight I'll be a bit more traditional (Japanese tradition, that is...ha ha!) and stay home and watch some music program.

Have a great night!