A wet and lazy Sunday...

Good morning everyone,

It was a wet ride into work this morning. Luckily the rain had stopped so the roads weren't too slippery but it was still pretty wet. There must have been a lot of rain through the night. I read that they are calling for rain again tomorrow...but, unbelievably...it WON'T be raining on my day off...I wonder what I can do...probably stay in bed...ha ha!

Last night I went out to Kemby's for the first time in a long, long time. It was busy! I forgot how busy it gets on Saturdays. Luckily I could get a seat, but it was the last one! The hamburgers there are sooo good. It's true, they are a little big so if you have a teenage son you should take him! I know he'd love it for sure! Then, like a good boy, I was home by 10:15 and I didn't stop on the way home for chocolate! So, that makes 2 days without chocolate! (Luckily my chocolate fast is scheduled to end on February 13th-just in time for Valentine's Day!) Ha ha!

I was pleased to hear that Hatoyama had decided to give some input into his own speech. It was a massive improvement over the bureaucratic written lists of things to do that most PMs are forced to read. If there is one group of people who should NOT be writing the speeches, it's the bureaucrats...but don't get me started. Anyway, I do concur that his speech could've included a few more concrete plans but overall it made me feel better about him and his administration. I hope that his standing in the polls improves as a result.

Have a great day!