Knee deep in gold!

Good morning everyone,

Well, it was a beautiful ride to work this morning-mostly because it was Sunday and therefore I had the streets to myself but it was also a sunny morning!

And it was made even more glorious by the fact that Canada has won two more gold medals in Vancouver. With those two medals-in Men's Speed Skating and Downhill Skiing-Canada has set the record for the most gold medals ever won by the host nation in the Winter Olympics. It hasn't all been rosy though, Canada suffered a lot of early disappointments and people were complaining about the tax money that had been spent on these Olympics but it has all worked out in the end. (And we still have an outside chance to get two more gold medals-if we do, then we could set the record for most gold medals ever by any country at the Winter Olympics)! Go Canada!

Also in the news today, I read an article about preventing cancer. It included many of the usual warnings about smoking (the number one cause of cancer in Japan-accounting for about 30% of all cases) but what I didn't know was that overeating and drinking alcohol can also increase the risk of cancer. So, out goes the beer bottle and on go the sneakers. I'm going to try and go running two or three times a week starting from next week...ha ha!

Have a great (and healthy) day!