At the movies...

Good morning everyone,

Well, it's spitting a little outside at the moment, but they are calling for rain all day (and for the next three days!) so I'd recommend packing an umbrella if I were you.

The weather looks like it'll be warm enough on Monday the 5th for the hanami-18C! Hopefully, it won't rain-right now they are calling for a 30% chance of rain but I'll check it regularly and keep you posted as we get closer to the date.

I finally, finally went and saw Hurt Locker. I've been wanting to see it for about 6 months. I was worried that it might not come to Japan but after it won the Academy Award I knew it would and I luckily made it to the theatre before it finished. I became a Blue card member at 109 Cinema at Al Park and was able to sit in the executive seat for the same price as a regular seat. It was great! I didn't use the reclining feature though...I tried it but somehow it didn't feel like I was at the movies (and I was worried that I might fall asleep...ha ha!) I loved the idea of the little table beside my chair though. That was very convenient and I could put my bag under the table without worrying about it.

As for the movie, it was just as I expected it would be. I would recommend it but I wouldn't say it was one of the 'best movies I've ever seen'. Also, I've realized that my movie and book tastes are very different. I hate 'fluffy' books (books that are entertaining but don't make you think). I prefer to read non-fiction, especially biographies or historical novels. However, when I watch movies I prefer 'fluff'. Movies that just entertain. Hmmm...having said that, the fluff needs to have some plot or interesting characters. I can't see me enjoying "Titanic" or "Avatar"...nothing against my fellow canuck, James Cameron but I'm not really interested in those kind of films.

I plan on going to see Sherlock Holmes next week though!

Have a great day!