Training mind and body...

Good morning everyone,

Well, Japan's World Cup dreams have ended for another 4 years. I honestly thought that if the game went to penalties that Japan had a very good chance. It's too bad, but even though they lost I have to say that this World Cup performance has been their best ever.

I'm planning to go for a run this morning but my legs are really tired today. After my jog yesterday I went for a 25km bike ride...(sigh) I should've gone for a 1km swim, then I could say I did a mini-marathon...ha ha!

I did go to Sogo too to see Hiroko Takayama's (a local painter) exhibition. Her paintings reflect her trips to India over the years. Her paintings use a lot of bold colors and strong. powerful strokes. If you've ever met her, you'd know why. She is a bold, strong woman and clearly has a love for Indian people as they dominate her paintings. If you have time, you should go and check it out. I especially love the contrast between her paintings of day scenes and night scenes. Plus, you'll feel smarter...ha ha!

Have a great day!

PS I also found an amazing new Haagen Daz flavour-Raspberry Cream Cheese. Just 198 yen at Aeon!