's beer garden day!

Good morning everyone,

Today has felt like it has been a long time coming, I must admit that I'm pumped about the beer garden tonight! Even though it's a little cloudy out there now, it is supposed to clear up during the day so we should have 'old sol' join us in time. 'old sol' is what we occasionally call the sun when we are talking about it in a joking way. Just imagine, if we had daylight savings time, we could have an extra hour in the sun...Did I mention that during the month of July the food is Okinawan themed? I'm looking forward to eating pig's ears...ha ha!

To be honest, this is our first Saturday night event and it has thrown my whole week all out of whack. All day yesterday I thought it was Saturday and I keep thinking that I'm off tomorrow because we are going out tonight. Someone please make sure that I don't drink too much tonight as I have to teach tomorrow morning. I think any more than 7 or 8 would be a bad thing...ha ha!

For those of you coming tonight, see you later.

Those of you not coming...well, it's your loss...ha ha! Just kidding!

Have a great day!