This and that

Good morning everyone,

Well, I had a great sleep last night! I needed it!

It looks like it's going to be another scorcher out there today so I'm heading out to do my grocery shopping early before it really heats up.

I went out for a short jog this morning-5km. It was my first time out in almost 3 weeks and it felt good. The heat in August was too much for me to get out. I tried jogging in the early morning and late night but there was no escaping the heat. It was still really hot today, but at least it was bearable.

It is easy to see why Hatoyama isn't Prime Minister anymore. Three days ago he says he will support PM Kan in the upcoming election and then the next day says he will throw himself behind Ozawa for the position of party president (and therefore Prime Minister). That kind of waffling is exactly why so many of us are frustrated with politicians (this problem isn't unique to Japan)

I read in the paper that a man in Nagano calculated pi to 5 trillion digits. This is an amazing accomplishment! But to be honest, how can we check whether it's right or not? Ha ha!

Have a great day!