Halloween is not just for kids anymore...

Happy Halloween!

When I was a kid, I loved Halloween! We would get dressed up in costumes every year and go Trick or Treating around the neighbourhood. I used to get soooo much candy and then eat it all in a span of two or three days and then feel sick afterwards! Ha ha! After that, my mother started taking my candy from me and doling it out piece by piece which was probably a good thing. In those days, Halloween wasn't really celebrated by adults.

These days there are tons of parties and events for adults as well as children. Everyone gets dressed up and goes to Halloween costume parties. I have no idea what they do once they get to the party because I've never been to one...ha ha! I guess it's no different from any other party other than the costumes...Another thing that has changed is the Trick or Treating. These days we don't know our neighbours as well as we did back then and it's a little dangerous accepting food from strangers so we have parties. Schools, neighbourhoods and communities organize Halloween Parties which are safer and probably a lot more fun. In Canada at this time of year it's dark by 4:30 and so cold! I often had to wear a snowsuit under my costume...ha ha!

Anyway, have a great day!