I'm off!

Good morning everyone,

Yes, it's really 4:50. Yes, I'm actually up.

I swear it's the first time I've seen 4:50 (am) without having seen all the times preceding it in a long, long time...ha ha!

Just think, I'm a short walk, JR train ride, bullet train ride, Narita Express, 3 hour wait at the airport and a flight-total time about 23 hours-away from Canada. And once I get there, I'll be up for at least another 9 or 10 hours...it could be a bit of a long day. I think I'll be investing in a bottle of ripobitan (?), you know, the 'genki' drink for the trip! Ha ha!

Once I get home, I'll be met by my best friend, then we're heading for Canada's #1 Restaurant! That's right! Swiss Chalet! It's not exactly high class but it's the only food I crave from Canada that cannot be replicated here. I can even get Pizza Hut here, if I want to pay about $50 for a pizza, but I can't get Swiss Chalet. Anyway, after that, we'll be watching the Canadian juniors play Sweden in the Junior Hockey World Cup (it's like Japanese high school baseball, but hockey and it's on an International level) and then off to another friend's house for a far more refined dinner with wine and intelligent conversation (minus me...ha ha!). At least I'll have 23 or so hours to think of something intelligent to say...ha ha!

I hope everyone here in Japan has a great and SAFE holiday and I'm looking forward to helping you improve your English and building our friendship in 2011!

Have a great day!