Oscar nominees and my predictions

Good morning everyone,

Well, today's weather is a good news, bad news kind of thing. On the one hand-look outside and it's pouring, but on the other hand it should clear up after lunch and even more importantly-they're no longer calling for rain for tomorrow which means I'll be able do my laundry...ha ha!

There were two stories in the news today that caught my eye, but I've decided not to write about them-one involves Minako Komukai and the other is about the declining libido of Japanese. I've decided not to because I've already written one 14A blog this month and am worried that people are going to think that I'm turning into a dirty old man...ha ha!

So, instead you're stuck with the much safer (but a little more boring) story about the Oscars. They will be on in about 2 hours. I've talked a lot about the best picture nominations-headed by favorites 'Social Network' and 'The King's Speech' but don't be surprised if there is a surprise winner like 'Black Swan'. I predict 'The King's Speech' will win this category.

As for best actor, I am also going with 'The King's Speech' and Colin Firth although Jeff Bridges in 'True Grit' may also get some consideration.

For best actress, I predict Natalie Portman in 'Black Swan' although they do tend to give the award to older, more established actresses so Annette Bening may get it for her role in 'The Kids are All Right'.

For a complete list of nominees check out the official site
Academy Awards 2011 Nominees

If my predictions are perfect I expect some reward like popcorn or a free movie pass from 109 Cinemas...ha ha! Seriously though, I can't wait till some of these come to Japan so we can check them out.

Have a great day!