Hiroshima Tsukemen

Good morning everyone,

Wow! Wasn't yesterday's weather perfect? If it could be that temperature everyday in the summer, I'd be the fittest guy in Hiroshima! With that kind of weather, you can go outside and do something every weekend or every chance you get! If only there were a place in the world where the summer had weather like that...oh, wait! Ontario weather is just like that in the summer! Now, I just need to get rich enough to spend my summers in Ontario and winters in Japan! Ha ha!

So, I've been dying to try Hiroshima Tsukemen for a while and yesterday I finally had the chance. During my lunch break, I ran across the street to a local tsukemen shop and had a bowl. I ordered a 'set' lunch, which means it came with an omusubi (onigiri? Can anyone tell me the difference between them?) and a soft boiled egg. Let me start by saying the onigiri was great! I'm not sure what flavour you would call it because I'm pretty sure it was just salted, but the seaweed paper that was wrapped around it was exactly the way I like it-not too thick (like the ones in convenience stores), but not too soft like homemade ones. It was perfect!

The tsukemen was good...I guess...it was my first time so I don't have anything to compare it to, but I doubt I'll be going again anytime soon. The noodles were great! They were a little chewy like Morioka reimen, but the dipping sauce lacked any real flavour. It was just hot. I like spicy food as much or more than the next guy, but it also needs to have some flavour otherwise it's just hot and not worth the burn if it doesn't have any flavour....hmmm...it's difficult to explain...do you know what I mean?

If I have time to go out for lunch again in the near future, I'll be heading to a local okonomiyaki shop instead! I haven't had okonomiyaki since I came back from Canada! Almost 4 months!

Have a great day!

PS Did you see the wedding yesterday? I watched about 5 minutes of it, it looked beautiful and fairytale like, but 5 minutes was enough for me. I'd rather watch NCIS or sports...ha ha!