What's the big deal?

Good morning everyone,

Well, the weather is continuing to be consistent about one thing-being unpredictable! Ha ha! Yesterday morning they were calling for sunny skies on Friday, now there is a 50%-60% chance of rain tomorrow! Not that it means much, but the forecast for the rest of the week is: sunny on Saturday, toss a coin on Sunday and, as for Monday...well in fact, you might as well flip a coin for the rest of next week as well. I reckon until rainy season ends, I'll be taking the forecast one day at a time...ha ha!

Did you notice that there were two blogs posted yesterday? One was the blog I had written on Monday but for some strange reason I couldn't post. A couple of people (the two people who actually read my blog maybe...ha ha!) asked me about it, so I decided to post it.

PRIDE week starts today in Toronto. It is the annual festival to support individual sexual choice and has grown steadily every year it has been running to the point that it is now one of the largest of its kind in the world. There are many activities associated with the festival but the largest is the PRIDE Parade held on the Saturday.

In North America, and around the world, sportsmen and male actors generally do not come out of the closet. These days musicians are coming out daily-it seems to help their record sales if anything-and the public is more accepting of being 'different' in the art world. See 'Lady Gaga'. Ha ha! She is one heck of a musician-she almost makes me like pop music, however, to be honest, she's a bit of wacko! Ha ha!

Anyway, last year Brian Burke, who is the General Manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs, walked in the parade in support of his gay son. This was a huge boost for the PRIDE organizers. Brian Burke is the most influential sportsman in Toronto and is also considered manly and very traditional. For him, to join the parade was a big feather in their cap.

This year is a different story. A new mayor was elected earlier in the year-he's very different from the typical Toronto politician. He's fat, blue-collared and not very cosmopolitan. He doesn't believe the government should support the arts and was put in power by the average, middle-class family. He has decided not to participate in the PRIDE parade and it is becoming a huge controversy. Many people are calling him homophobic and worse...I say, what's the big deal? Organizers shouldn't moan about who isn't there, it distracts from their purpose about being open and accepting. They should focus on who is there!

Anyway, could you imagaine this happening in Japan? A politician being harangued for NOT joining a Gay/Lesbian/Other Parade? Not in a million years! Ha ha!

Have a great day!