It was fantastic!

Good morning everyone,

We had great weather for the beer garden party yesterday to go along with the great food and the great company!

It also looks like we can expect yesterday's weather to continue through the rest of this week. It'll be a mix of sun and cloud everyday-today will be mostly cloudy but they aren't calling for rain...and it'll even be a bit cooler today as we are expecting temperatures to only get up to 30C.

I had heard that last week at Mitsukoshi was  a nightmare with overcrowding causing long lines and even customers getting into fights, so I was therefore a bit nervous about last night. However, there was no cause for concern. It was crowded but I never had to wait more than a minute or so for food, drink or the toilet. It's true there were some long lines for certain items like ice cream but I figured I could get ice cream at home so I didn't bother waiting in line for it.

And I was able to drink my beer shandies-that mixture of beer and lemon/lime soda that I talked about before. Yesterday, they only had Kirin Lemon which is a bit sweeter so mixing it half/half was a bit much but it still tasted great! If it had been colder, it would have been perfect!

Most of the students wore yukata and everyone looked so beautiful (even you lazy students who didn't wear them...just kidding!). Some random foreigners even came and asked to have their pictures taken with us...well, except me...sniff, sniff...ha ha! I felt a bit sorry for the girls because they said they couldn't eat or drink as much as they would have liked due to the obi, or sash, being so tight. As a man, I didn't have that problem, the way we wear our sash is different so it didn't interfere with my eating or drinking. Well, I only had two glasses of beer, so I didn't drink so much...ha ha! (For those of you who don't know, when I go out drinking and people ask me how many I've had, I always say, "Two" no matter what the real number is...ha ha!)

Anyway, thanks to everyone for making last night a great time!

Next on our list is the Carp game in September...I'll let you know when it is as soon as I get the tickets!

Have a great day!