Japanese ingenuity

Good morning everyone,

Well, the rain is here as promised, but it looks like it'll clear up just after lunch. If you're heading out in the morning, you'll need an umbrella, but if you are going out in the afternoon you might need your parasol. After today, there is no change in the forecast for the next few days. It'll be cool, dry and sunny for the weekend-this would be a perfect weekend for camping! <sigh> The beginning of next week looks the same, but we are likely to see rain again the middle of next week along with a pretty cool day on Wednesday where the high is expected to be only 20C! Luckily, the temperature will bounce back up and the high on Thursday will be around 24C.

Who said Japanese ingenuity was dead?

A small company in Hiratsuka, Kanagawa-my old stomping grounds! has developed a mini-evacuation shelter that you can buy and keep at your home. It is made of fibreglass and plastic and can withstand anything this natural disaster laden country can throw at it! It can stand having 100kg chunks of concrete dropped on it, survive flooding, landslides and tsunamis! It has a ballast in the bottom so even if knocked over, it will always right itself.

The bright colour means it can be easily found in the water or among the wreckage of buildings and it is light. This one weighs only 70kg and can hold up to 4 adults.

Like most good things this one comes with a hefty price tag-\288,000. Not cheap, but how much is your family worth to you? The only problem for me is how to get it into my apartment...ha ha!

After the March 11 earthquake and tsunami up north, orders have jumped to around 500 and the company expects to add two larger ones as well that can hold 6 or 12 adults.

I'm going to start saving my pennies tomorrow!

Have a great day!

BTW I tried adding a comment to my blog-yes, that comment yesterday was from me! Just scroll down past the bottom of the message and the ads and you will see the word 'comment' in katakana. Click on that and type away! After that you have to input some numbers as a security measure to prevent phishing and that's all. You don't have to enter your email address or any personal information to comment. Just leave those sections blank. And there was one strange bit...they would only let me post my comment if somewhere-anywhere-in the comment there were Japanese characters...bizarre! I have no idea why, but it worked as soon as I added those characters.