2011-a year in review

Good morning everyone,

The weather was nice yesterday-of course it was cool but sunny and the wind wasn't strong. It's going to be the same for tomorrow too, so we don't have to worry about rain or snow when we head to the shrines to pray for a good year in 2012. As for the rest of the week, it'll be about the same-highs around 10C and lows around freezing. That sounds like very livable weather to me!

So, when I look back at the year I can't think of any big highlights but there were some great memories for me.

Not in any particular order...

*Of course, going home and visiting my friends and family was a big highlight! I did tons of shopping and eating, shopping and eating, shopping and...well, you get the picture! Of course, I got to eat roast turkey and mom's apple pie as well! Always good for me!

*I ran in 4 races this year-Kaki Kaki, Hijiriko, Peace and Miyajima marathons. All of them were 10k races and my best time was 47:30.

*I lost about 8kgs over the course of the year which is always a good thing-however, many of my clothes don't fit me anymore so I've had to buy a lot of new stuff...of course it's fun buying one size smaller clothes, but a bit hard on the savings...ha ha!

*We had a bbq with venison, crocodile claws, kangaroo burgers, camel and, of course, steak. What they say is true-crocodile really does taste like chicken! The venison and steak were great too-the camel was so-so...

*I roasted a turkey for the New Year party-it tasted pretty good, if I do say so myself. I just wish that it had looked a little more appetizing...next year!

*I took the TOEIC test and (luckily) got perfect!

*I took the Japanese N3 test and I'll be lucky if I passed, but the point is that I went for it!

*It may not count as a highlight in the longrun, but I made muffins yesterday! And they were great!

I wrote this early in the morning and without really thinking too deeply about it, so I'm sure I missed a few highlights along the way...these ones were just off the top of my head.

How about you? What were your personal highlights this year?

Have a great day!