Road Rage

Good morning everyone,

The forecast has changed for this week. The bad news is that it looks like we might wake up to some rain or snow tomorrow morning. The good news, however, is that the colder weather looks like it's only going to last for one day. This week, starting today, highs will be 9C, 8C, 4C, 9C, 10C, 11C, 12C. We may also see some rain or snow on Thursday and the outlook for Sunday and Monday is still too hard to predict. I'm happy with the thermometer being around 11C on Sunday as long as it doesn't rain! Ha ha!

So, last night I saw my first case of road rage (other than me-I experience it almost every day! Ha ha!) Ok, so maybe I'm more guilty of being annoyed by carelessness than road rage and I definitely don't vent my anger at others. The most aggressive thing I've done is shouted...hmmm...not even shouted really, just loudly said to someone to either turn on their bicycle light or get off the phone! Most of the time I just give people a dirty's the Canadian way! ha ha!

But last night I saw two drivers driving very aggressively and I swore that they were going to hit each other. It happened just as I was coming up to the bridge in Tenmacho. One guy in a little black cube car was tailgating another guy in a silver station wagon. I swear he must have been less than a metre away. The guy in the wagon tapped his brakes to force the other guy to back off. Then the guy in the black car pulled out to pass on the bridge and the other guy kept edging over and speeding up so he couldn't.  I don't know if you know the bridge I'm talking about, but it is barely wide enough for one lane each way and these guys were swerving back and forth on the bridge like it was an F1 race! I've never seen such aggressive driving-even in Hiroshima (the dangerous driver capital of Japan...ha ha!)

Anyway, when I crossed the bridge and was going past the hotel in Tenmacho they were pulled over with their car doors flung open and shouting at each other. Of course I had no idea what they were saying, but they were standing nose-to-nose and it looked like they might come to blows any second.

I was torn-on one hand I wanted to stay and watch the action, I figured it might be a once in a lifetime experience, but on the other hand, it was my "Friday night" and I was hoping to head to yakitori for a beer...cold beer won. Ha ha! I figured that the confrontation wouldn't amount to anything and preferred sitting in a nice warm bar with a cold beer and hot yakitori! Beer always wins! Ha ha!

Have a great day!