Run in the sun

Good morning everyone,

Yesterday was a glorious day! Today...not so much...ha ha! The good news is that tomorrow is looking nice again. The rain will be reasonably heavy this morning, but it looks like it may lighten up in the afternoon and taper off in the evening. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are all looking pretty much the same-mostly cloudy with a slight chance of rain. Hopefully the rain will pass before the Flower Festival starts.

I'm definitely not going to the Flower Festival, but it seems to rain every year during the festival and I feel a bit sorry for all of the people who spent months practising and preparing beautiful costumes for their performance. Who knows? Maybe I'll go if the weather is nice...yeah, right. Who am I kidding? When pigs fly! ha ha!

So, I ran my 30km yesterday! It was great because it never got hot and I realized that heat is the thing that slows me down more than anything. I ran pretty much the same pace for the whole time because I never got that hot. I finished the run in just over 2 1/2 hours which is way, way faster than I expected! Surprisingly, it is a faster pace than I ran the half-marathon in Oshima!!  Well, I suppose I shouldn't be that surprised. There were three things working against me in that race-one, that was my first race over 10km and I hadn't learnt to pace myself and two, I had some serious knee pain at that time (in both knees) so I limped through the last 6 or 7 kilometres and three, I had hardly trained for the race (mostly due to number two...ha ha!). Luckily I discovered that my knee pain was directly linked to my overused shoes and with my new shoes I didn't feel even a twinge of pain during my run yesterday.

Today, I was hoping to head out for a very short run (just 2-3km) but probably won't unless the rain clears up before it gets dark. I hate running in the dark.

Finally, just a quick comment on yesterday's bus crash that killed 7 people. It's a horrible tragedy. I don't know why but I always feel like things are more tragic when they happen to the very young-like the elementary school kids who were hit last week or when people are on holiday. Any death is tragic, I know...but seems sadder if the people are young or doing something as part of a holiday. Anyway, my hearts go out to all the victims and family members in the recent rash of road fatalities.

Hmmm...I don't want to leave my blog on such a downer...I probably should have written the two stories in opposite order, shouldn't  I? Ha ha!

After my run I watched the Carp game on tv and it looks like the Carp may have found a pitcher to go with their ace, Maeken in Nomura. He threw a gem yesterday! (This counts as good news if you are a Carp fan, which you should be if you're either living in Hiroshima or a friend of mine!! Ha ha!)

Have a great day!