Japanese News today...

Good morning everyone,

I'm not sure what's going on, but my computer is acting up this morning. Websites are taking forever to open and sometimes not opening up at all...

Anyway, there is no change in the forecast for today and tomorrow. There's a 60% chance of rain all-day for both days. I hope you weren't planning a bbq this weekend... ;-) Luckily, I'm not planning one either because the rain is forecast to continue through Wednesday. Will rainy season ever end?! <sigh>

Here are some of the things that newspapers are reporting on today:

*The government has approved three new bullet train lines; the three lines are the 211-kilometer Hakodate-Sapporo route in Hokkaido, the 113-km Kanazawa-Tsuruga route in central Japan and the 21-km Isahaya-Nagasaki route in Nagasaki Prefecture. What do you think? Are these lines necessary? The total cost will be \3.04 trillion. (\3,040,000,000,000) That's a lot of 0's! I wish I had a couple of those after my paycheque...ha ha!

*Issey Miyake has just held a fashion show in Paris for his spring/summer collection for 2013 and the clothes are made of paper! He hired some elderly lady to train his staff how to make it using a traditional form of Japanese washi. He then blended it with rayon to make the clothes washable.
Issey Miyake 2013 Summer Line
What do you think? 

* It looks like we might hear the pitter-patter of tiny feet soon...at the Ueno Zoo! Apparently the panda there is pregnant! If they have cubs, does the rental fee we pay to China go up? Ha ha! Also, Gov. Ishihara made a really funny comment that the cubs should be named Sen-Sen and Kaku-Kaku! That's hilarious!

*Speaking of politics, DPJ kingpin has said that he'll decide over the weekend whether he'll leave the DPJ or not. With almost 80% of the population against the idea, I bet he'll stay and he's just figuring out a way to remain in the party and still keep his integrity (what little he has left) intact.

Finally, it's not Japanese news but did you hear that Tom Cruise and Katy Perry are getting divorced? Most people back home had been predicting this divorce since the day they got married...

Have a great day!