Gone fishin'

 Good morning everyone,

It's another cool morning here-it's about 21C and they're calling for a high of around 28C. There's a slight chance of rain later today, which means it's a good day to go for a drive. Ha ha!

So, yesterday I went fishing for the first time in ages! I swear it must have been about 25 since the last time I went fishing. But we went out on the lake at dusk (it's the second best time of day to go fishing after early morning).

We only went out into the bay in front of the cottage because it was getting dark and he was worried about getting lost or hitting a log or something in the dark. We ended up only fishing for about an hour or so...

At first I ended up just using a lure and trolling but the only thing I caught with my first four casts was weeds. I was perfect though! I caught weeds with every cast! Ha ha!

Then I decided to change up and go for a worm on a hook with a bob (you know, those little red and white round floats that we use when fishing) and I caught a nibble right away. It was the first time I'd had a nibble in about 20 years so I forgot the proper technique and just yanked on the rod too quickly so the fish got away...with half my worm!

I threw the hook back in with the half a worm and had another nibble again, that time I didn't panic and just waited till the bob went up and down three times before I pulled the rod to set the hook. And bang! I caught him! He must have been about 60cm long! I was fighting with him for 30 mins or so...or maybe the fish was only about 30cm long and I spent about about 15 mins reeling him in. Now that I think about it, it was probably only about 15cm long and I spent about 2 mins reeling him in...ha ha! Anyway, size doesn't matter, right?! Of course we threw him back because we have the catch and release system in Ontario. Of course we can keep some fish, but there is a limit to the number that you can keep. It depends on the licence that you have. If I bought a sportfishing licence, I could've kept more, but either way it was just a little guy and not worth keeping.

It turned out that that was the only one that I caught. My brother caught two about the same size. So we reckon that 3 little fish in an hour isn't too bad...ha ha!

Have a great day!