Good morning everyone,

Well, once again we have been spared a direct hit by a passing typhoon. It's raining a bit now and it might get a little heavier as the morning goes on, but we can expect the rain to stop around noon and it'll clear up this afternoon. Sunny weather will start tomorrow and last all week with highs between 26C and 27C. I do feel sorry for the people in Shikoku (the area to the south of Hiroshima). Once again they are getting hammered with heavy rain and strong winds.

Unfortunately it might be just enough rain to keep me from going for a run...or maybe not. I'm thinking about heading out for a quick one-maybe 5-6km...hmmm...I can't decide...or maybe not...ha ha!

Sometimes I feel like I've missed a whole generation of Canadian music by living in Japan. I know I've mentioned this before, but it takes a lot of effort for me to find out about what's playing on the radio back home. That's one of the main reasons why I started subscribing to Rolling Stone magazine. Having a chance to read it and check out what bands are popular is fun for me. It does mean that most of the music I listen to is "Top 40's" music which I never listened to when I was younger-I was always an alternative kind of guy.

So, either I'm getting older and my tastes are changing...hmmm...possible, or that's all I can find...likely. Ha ha! I found I was still listening to music from my school days so recently (the last 2 or 3 years) I've been making an effort to find singers or bands. I haven't had much luck. Of course I found John Mayer who had a couple of great songs-"Your Body is a Wonderland" is so fantastic! And I also found a band called the Killers. I love their song, "Leave the Bourbon on the Shelf". Jason Mraz has a few cool songs as well-the live versions of "I'm Yours" and "Curbside Prophet" are so great! However, in all of those, the best band I've heard in recent years...Mumford & Sons.

Has anyone ever heard of the group, Mumford & Sons? Their first album, "Sigh No More" is really good. It was up for a few awards at the Grammy's. I have no idea if they won any or not, but I love the album. It's a mix of folk and country with some very catchy hooks. (A hook is a line or phrase in a song, usually in the chorus, that is very memorable and makes people want to sing along) They've just released their second album, "Babel" and I'm enjoying it as well. If you like folksy/light rock music you'll probably like this band.

If I remember, if I have the time, and if I have the money to pick up a player, I'll make a CD with these songs for the BBQ party...hmmm...that's a lot of 'ifs'. I wouldn't count on it happening...ha ha!

Have a great day!