Getting to know my couch...

Good morning everyone,

It was a gorgeous day yesterday, wasn't it? It was a little cool in the morning but by midday I was wearing shorts and a long-sleeve t-shirt. While we shouldn't expect any more days like that, this week's weather is looking pretty good. It'll be cooler-we can expect highs to be in the teens for the rest of the week and lows hovering between 7C and 10C. We may see some rain at the beginning of next week too, it's still a little early to tell...race day on Saturday is looking like it'll be cooler than it has been the last couple of years when I ran. I may have to wear leggings for this race...

Yesterday was great! I got up early and wrote my blog, went for a 10k run, did my laundry, went grocery shopping, washed the dishes and prepared dinner and my lunch for today all by noon! Then, I became very well acquainted with my sofa...ha ha! I imagine that is a typical housewife's day...ha ha! Just kidding!

Actually I made lasagna for dinner yesterday which was great! But yesterday for lunch I made an awesome sandwich. It had ham, prosciutto, parmesan cheese (not the powdered stuff in a can-the real McCoy) and pickled sweet and spicy peppers all on a toasted panini (Italian bread). I'm thinking about opening a sandwich shop-it was so good!

Did I mention last week that during my run I saw a young couple breaking up? Of course I can't be sure, but I saw them talking closely and quietly (but not happily) and then when the light changed to green (not blue!) only the girl crossed and left the man standing there.She was walking so slowly, obviously she wanted him to chase after her and stop her from walking away. As she finished crossing, he weakly called something that there is no way she could have heard and then he just stood there and watched her walk away. What do you think? Were they breaking up?  I couldn't see whether he chased after her in the end because my light turned green and I didn't want to gawk...

Anyway, yesterday morning I saw a different sort of good-bye. There was another young couple (they all look young these days, don't they? Ha ha!) This couple wasn't breaking up but somehow the girl was unhappy with the way they were saying's hard to explain-women generally are, for men...because they were laughing and joking but she wasn't getting something she wanted...they were Japanese so I doubt she wanted a good-bye kiss. I think she wanted a promise of when they were going to meet in the future, but he wouldn't or couldn't give it to her...mostly I think it was flirting.

It's amazing the things I've seen while running. I could probably make a photo book with all the things I've seen. I'll have to start running with my camera, so I can capture some pics and then people will believe me! ha ha!

Have a great day!