That's why...

Good morning everyone,

Well, the rain wasn't so bad yesterday, was it? When I was riding to work in the morning it wasn't even that cold. It will be cool this weekend though-today will be warm with a high of 15C, but Saturday and Sunday will see highs between 11C and 13C and lows under 5C! The coldest day ahead in the next week or so is Tuesday with a high of only 9C and lows for most of the week will be between 2C and 4C. Brr! 

Sometimes my friends ask me why I've stayed in Japan for so long and I could never really answer them-it was always just easy to live here and I had a decent retrospect, it probably wasn't that great of a job, but now I have a great one and I couldn't have got here if I hadn't started there. I guess things do happen for a reason...

Anyway, I never really thought about it before, but from now on when people (Canadian or Japanese) ask me why I like Japan, my answer is going to be two words-Sayuri Yoshinaga.

Ok, so I admit that I don't really know who she is, in fact I've never seen her in a movie but check her out.
sayuri yoshinaga
Can you guess how old she is? She's 68! She's had no plastic surgery and she's hardly wearing any make-up! That's a great reason to stay in Japan-all I need to do is find a woman who will look like that when she's 68...ha ha! The problem is that any woman who looks like that, isn't going to be happy with a guy who looks like me...ha ha!

Seriously though, when she was younger she performed in a tv drama as a geisha hibakusha, which means she was a survivor of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. After playing that role, she went on to join many anti-nuclear protests and groups and still volunteers to read anti-nuclear poetry and essays to help the anti-nuclear movement. That shows a lot of dedication and compassion.

Ok, so I just need to find someone who is dedicated, compassionate and will look like Sayuri when she's 68. I wonder if I have become a Sayurist...ha ha!

Have a great day!

PS A Sayurist is the nickname that Japanese people give to fan-boys of Sayuri Yoshinaga.