This year's kanji is...

Good morning everyone,

Wel if you got up early like me, you would have seen the snow! Big, fat flakes! It felt like Morioka or Ontario! But, alas they are already finished...hopefully it'll clear up and get sunny because there is a ton of laundry I want to do! The weatherman says it will, but it'll be cold all day. We can expect a high of only 5C today and 7C tomorrow and there is a slight chance of rain tomorrow-about 40%. After tomorrow it'll warm up a bit and clear up as well. We can expect a mix of sun and clouds for the rest of the week and highs around 8C or 9C.

2012 kanji
That's this year's kanji. What do you think? Is it a suitable choice? For those of you who can't read kanji-it means 'gold' or 'money'.

I get the reference-this year's Summer Olympics in London. There were definitely some memorable performances and Japan did well with 7 gold medals. But it was the lowest gold medal count of the last 3 Olympics. In Athens there were 16 gold medal winners and in Beijing there were 9. Also, I feel it is for rich people, what about us poor people...we feel a little left out...

In London, Japan won the most medals ever with 38. That is an amazing accomplishment and it's great to be proud of, but they weren't all gold, were they? Ha ha!

Seriously though, hmmm...maybe I interpret it incorrectly-I often do that when it comes to things in Japan because no matter how long I live here, I still think like a Canadian. If we are going to choose a kanji character to represent the year, it should represent the whole year, don't you think?

I know, I will say that the kanji 金 was the one that was chosen by the people-it's a democratic process. And I am absolutely all for it! But I don't know, now that the year has gone on, I hardly remember the feeling from the Olympics. Maybe it's because my work got busy and I spent most of my life at work...ha ha! 

Which leads to the final question you'd ask, 'Fine', you'd say, 'if you don't like "金" for 2012, which kanji would you choose, Mr. Know-it-all?' And of course, I have no idea...ha ha! How about 力? It means strength and power-which all of the athletes showed-not only the gold medal winners. And it can be applied to anyone who showed strength during a difficult time...what do you think? And us poor people can feel like we have strength too! Ha ha!

Have a great day!