Good morning everyone, yesterday was gorgeous! It was at least 15C and sunny and the best part'll be the same today! Tomorrow we'll see some rain in the afternoon but it should clear up by the evening and then the weekend will be nice. Maybe not quite as nice as it has been for the past two days, but pretty darn close. It'll be mostly sunny with highs around 11C both days.

It doesn't mean much to me or you, but the pope gave his final public address before retiring yesterday. As non-Catholics, we probably don't appreciate the significance of it, but historically it's a big deal. He is the first pope to resign in around 600 years. Usually they stay in the position until they die. Pope Benedict has claimed that at 85, his failing health doesn't allow him to perform his duties. I think it's admiraable for him to step down and open the door for a new pope. Not that it's his fault, but the church has been rocked by many scandals during his tenure, a new face may breathe new life into the church.

Being the first Pope to retire in 600 years must be causing a bit of a headache. I mean, where will he live? Well, they do have a plan...

He'll spend the first few months at the pope's summer residence, called Castel Gandalfo.

After that he'll move permanently to his own residence called Master Eclessiae.
mater eclessiae 

Now, that is what I call retiring in style...

My retirement plans look more like this...

I guess I chose the wrong job...I wonder if it's too late to become the next pope...ha ha!

Have a great day!