Japanese Heads

Good morning everyone,

Yesterday was not bad for a day in the middle of rainy season and today is looking pretty much the same. Tomorrow is still calling for rain, but the weather gods must have been listening because the forecast has been updated to a chance of rain in the evening (rather than rain all day). But they also have a sense of humour, because now it's looking like it might rain on Sunday as well <sigh>. I guess there's no avoiding it...It's going to be a slippery run on Sunday. The good news is that it'll be cool at least. All I need to do is make sure I've got enough fuel in my bag and a towel and a change of socks and some band-aids. With that stuff, I should be good.

What I won't need is a pair of sunnies (colloquial for sunglasses). I've been thinking about getting a new pair ever since one of my mates told me about a friend of his who works at Oakley. A couple of the runners in my club have Oakley sunglasses but when I went to check them out, I nearly hit the floor! The cheapest ones are around \25,000. And they go up from there. I saw a pair for about \60,000!!

I know what you're thinking, "How much? For a pair of sunglasses?" Well, they are pretty important when you're running and the difference a good pair over a cheap pair is absolutely huge. The good ones sit properly on your face and don't bounce around and they don't fog up either. Also, the really good ones have changeable lenses that actually allow you see things more clearly in all sorts of weather-not only sunny days, rather than cheaper ones which often just darken your view. Not to mention the more expensive ones provide better UV protection...

So, I went to Tanaka Glasses to check out this pair...again...Carp Oakley Sunglasses

I know I talked about them before...but they looked so cool. I really wanted to get them. So, there I was...again...at Tanaka checking them out. This time I went to the Tanaka shop downtown. The staff there are much more knowledgeable. I wouldn't recommend the Tanaka shop in Al Park. The staff member didn't know what I was talking about, so she got the manager who admitted that he didn't really know either...

Anyway, I didn't want to give up so easily. I went to a different shop and tried them on. But they didn't fit well...the arms bulged out at the sides-it wasn't at all like I imagined a pair of Oakleys to fit. I asked the staff if that was this year's 'style' or something...she told me they were 'Asian fit'. My answer to that was, "huh?" ha ha! Apparently, Oakley received a number of comments from Japanese customers that their traditional sunglasses with straight arms were too tight. So, Oakley made a special style to fit Japanese heads which-and don't get angry, this is according to the Japanese staff at Tanaka, not me-are fatter/rounder and Japanese people have smaller noses and flatter cheekbones.

That's why the glasses felt funny to me and why Oakley saved me from buying a pair of glasses that I didn't really need. Thank you Oakley! And thank you Japanese people for having fat heads...ha ha! Does that mean that I can say, "Japanese people are big-headed"? ha ha!

Have a great day!