X-Factor (not the tv show)

Good morning everyone,

Yesterday was a great day! I won't have anyone complaining about the weather...yet. I know it's humid, but there was still a nice breeze in the air and I could comfortably walk around downtown in the middle of the day without melting. Today and tomorrow will be basically the same-mostly sunny, warm and a little humid. From Tuesday, the weather is up in the air-the forecast hasn't changed for a few days so I'm guessing that means they're not sure what it's going to do...

Last night I went out with a Japanese music teacher and a bunch of his students. We were sitting on the rooftop of some small bar a couple of hundred metres from Hiroshima Station. There was cold beer, patio lanterns, a couple of guys playing music and a bbq! What could be better? Oh, wait...and I was surrounded by beautiful women...now THAT'S perfect!

But it was also a great lesson for me in how to be a 'sensei'. In Japan, to be a 'sensei', you need to become a bit of a 'cult hero'. Now, don't look up 'cult' in your dictionaries, because you'll only find references to wacky new-age religions and their even wackier leaders. I don't mean it like that...

A 'cult of personality' is impossible to define...we often use terms like 'x-factor' or 'je ne sais quoi' to describe a person who has it. Literally it means: an intangible quality that makes something or someone distinctive or attractive.

I suppose that means you or I can't learn how to get it or find some way to acquire it. You've either got it or you don't.

It's like...hmmm...you know how sometimes you're attracted to someone, but you don't know why. They are nothing like the girls (or guys) you are usually attracted to and your friends keep asking you, "Why? What do you see in her (or him)?" but you can't explain. That is what I'm talking about.

Anyway, to be honest, for the past four years, I've buried my 'real personality' while teaching and tried to be 'teacher Jerry'.

It was because the problem I had to deal with most often at my old job was explaining to some teachers that their job was to teach, not entertain. I've had my school open for a few years now and I believe it even more, but I'm also going to work on being a bit more 'me'. I'll be happier, my students will be happier (Jerry-the owner) will be happier. Heck, even my plants will probably be happier! Ha ha!

For those of you who are regular readers of my blog, you probably already know the 'real Jerry'-he comes out in this blog more than he does in the lesson...

Have a great day!