He's such a hothead!

Good morning everyone,

Well the rain stopped before my long run yesterday-I was hoping that it was going to be raining a bit to help keep me cool, but no luck. And it's looking like today will be dry as well ('dry' meaning 'no rain', it'll still be humid as hell). It'll probably rain on Thursday and then the hot, humid weather will be back from Friday...

Have I mentioned before about 'hell'? It's really funny how we use it. Of course in Christian belief, we see Hell as a hot fiery place that people go after they die if they aren't good Christians. So, it's logical to say, "It's hot as hell out here!", right? But we also say, "It's cold as hell out here!" too. Ha ha! So, is Hell hot or cold? I have no idea, but I don't want to go either way! ha ha!

It's generally believed that hot weather leads to an increase in violent crimes and studies back up that belief to a certain extent.

Culturally, we use 'hot' to describe angry feelings so there might be some connection, like the title 'hothead' to mean someone who gets angry easily. Or 'lose one's cool', to say we're getting angry. I easily lose my cool when it's so hot out. Or we tell someone to 'cool down' if they're angry. Or when someone is slowly getting angry we might say he or she 'simmers'.

So, yeah we believe that heat leads to violence. However, there's a limit to it. When the weather is nice, more people head outside so there's a greater chance of people interacting, but when it gets too hot, everybody stays home and the violent crime rate drops. Maybe that's why there isn't much violent crime in Japan in the summer. Because it's hot as hell outside, so nobody goes out! Ha ha!

Speaking for myself, I definitely behave more aggressively when I'm hot. Not towards others so much, but I just seem to have less patience. Like when I drop something I normally don't even think about it, I just pick the thing up. But, when it's hot out, I get really annoyed! I think, "Why!? Why did that thing fall?!". Then I curse the thing, like it can hear me...ha ha! But I do feel better afterwards!

If you're feeling a bit aggressive these days, you might need to cool down. A good place to start is at the "Beer Garden Party". I've had some cancellations so there are still a couple of spots available if you're interested...it's great food and not nearly as crowded as a typical beer garden. It's much more relaxing. And yeah, it's a bit hot, but they've got frozen beer! If that doesn't cool you down, nothing will!

Have a great day!