Rainy weekend

Good morning everyone,

Well, the typhoon that was coming, became a tropical storm and now has been downgraded even further...I have no idea about the Japanese, we'd call it a 'tropical depression'-but that doesn't mean that it's really sad! Ha ha! Anyway, this tropical depression is expected to dump around 150mm of rain on Hiroshima today and continue raining tomorrow. 

Which means that I'll be running the rain tomorrow. Actually I don't mind too much as long as it isn't really heavy. The only disappointing point will be that it won't be any fun to stroll around before and after the race checking out the booths that often sell local stuff or have running stuff on sale. That's one of things that I enjoy about the local races, but if it rains I can't really do it...

So, are you up for running a half-marathon in the pouring rain? I'm not, but I've got no choice...ha ha!

What can you do on this rainy weekend?

Well, you could go check out a museum.
Hiroshima is rife with museums (for the size of the city). We've got the big 'three'-Hiroshima Prefectural Museum, Hiroshima Museum of Contemporary Art and the Hiroshima City Museum and Art Gallery-not to mention the countless smaller ones that are all over the city. All three of the of the big ones can boast having pretty good collections. At the moment, the Prefectural Museum has a Van Gogh exhibit and you can sit in the new Italian restaurant inside and watch the rain while overlooking Shukkeien Garden...

Not up to a museum?
Ok. How about catching a summer movie? There are still some summer blockbusters at the cinema that you could check out and forget about the rain for a few hours. If you go to Al Park, the cinema is in the same building as a huge bookstore, so you can also spend some time looking at travel magazines showing pictures of sunny beaches and warm climates while sipping a latte at Tully's.

Don't feel like going outside?
How about a DVD marathon? Order a pizza, open a bottle of wine and sit down to watch the 'Twilight Trilogy' (if you're a woman). For guys, we'd be more likely to watch the "Lord of the Rings" Trilogy again...off the top of my head, I can't think of any newer movies to make a 'marathon' on a rainy day.

Think movies are boring?
Fine. Well, you could do some of the things you've been meaning to do for ages...like transfer the numbers/info of your important contacts onto paper. I don't know about you...I keep meaning to do it, but never get around to it. I feel like I should have a couple of people's phone numbers in my wallet just in case I lose my phone and need to get in touch with someone in an emergency. I don't remember anyone's phone number anymore...I know this doesn't count as a 'fun' thing to do, but think about how great the beer is going to taste after you finish doing it! Ha ha!

Need a treat?
How about booking a mani/pedi at the local beauty salon. Speaking as a guy, I could never go to a salon and get one of these. For one, I couldn't sit still for the hour or two that it takes and for two, what the heck do you talk about to a complete stranger for two hours? Baseball...and...? I have no idea.

Nope, for me, this rainy weekend will be a half-marathon in Gei-hoku....

running in the rain2 

Wait!! I've got it! You could make a water-proof sign and go to Hijiriko and cheer on your favorite English teacher! (Or, if he or she isn't running, you could always cheer me on...ha ha!) I can't speak for your favorite teacher, but anyone cheering me on in the pouring rain would certainly receive a beer or two as a way of saying 'thanks'.

Have a great rainy weekend! I hope you find something fun to do!