Look out Tokyo! Here I come!

Good morning everyone,

Well, yesterday was pretty warm and humid for one of the last days of September, wasn't it? Today should be a bit cooler and cloudy, but then it'll warm up again on Tuesday. Actually, Tuesday is looking like the nicest day of the week with a  high of around 30C and mostly sunny skies. After Tuesday the thermometer will slowly sink throughout the week and we'll see a low of only 15C on Friday. I may have to give up on wearing shorts by the end of the week...ha ha!

I've been taking it easy with the running for the last week or so because when I went out for a long run a couple of weeks ago I hurt the sole of my foot. It's not a blister or anything simple-I think it's a bit more serious. It feels like a stress fracture actually.

If it is, then I'm in big trouble for the marathon the end of next month. It'll definitely be ok by then, but I'm worried about not being able to train properly between now and then. If not, I might one of those guys who are stumbling across the finish line 7 hours after the race starts! ha ha!

Well, after the Osaka Marathon, I've got the Peace Marathon in November (don't be fooled by the name-it's only a fun 10k run), the Miyajima Cross Country Race (it's 15km and, on top of that, it's a really hilly course and the runners are 'serious') in December and then...

And then...

And then...
tokyo marathon 2014
That's right! I got into the Tokyo Marathon!!

I'll be running the 2014 Tokyo Marathon on February 23rd-along with 35,000 other runners!

I don't know why but I'm looking more forward to the Tokyo Race than I am the Osaka one...the Osaka Marathon will always be my first, nothing can change that. 

We never forget our 'first', do we? Our first kiss, our first love, our first beer, our first car...ahhh...memories. And the Osaka Marathon will always be my first MARATHON. Just like the Peace Marathon will always be the first race I ever entered! It will always be dear to my heart! As long as I'm living in Japan and am healthy enough to do so, I'll be running in the Peace Marathon!

But for some reason, I'm really keen on doing the Tokyo Marathon. What makes it special? I have no idea...but it is!

So, look out Tokyo! Here I come!

Have a great day!