Milking a story...

Good morning everyone,

Well, the weather forecast for the week hasn't changed at all-they're still calling for the sunny weather to last till the weekend when it'll cloud over and probably rain on Sunday...sigh...well, I suppose it can't be sunny everyday...I guess I'll have to dig out my rain poncho for the race...and make sure my beer cooler is waterproof! ha ha! nothing exciting happened in my life least nothing to compare to the time I had in Miyajima on the weekend (meaning my weekend), so I figure I can milk one more blog out of that day out...hopefully...ha ha!

Now that I've got Miyajima out of the way, I wonder where I should head to next day off...

I reckon a trip to Kure or Onomichi sounds good.

What can I do if I make my way to Kure? Well, of course there's the very exciting Yamato Museum ( maybe not that exciting unless you're one of those people who are crazy about ships and the history of shipbuilding...) and what else? Hmmm...I've heard that there's a super-sento in Kure. Is it worth checking out? For those of you back home, a super-sento is like a downscale jacuzzi/spa which has a ton of different types of baths, pools and other facilities to help you melt away the stress of your work-a-day lives. And then in the evening I can try to find the small area that has some outdoor food and drink stalls...has anybody been to them recently? Are they even still there? If I use my imagination, will I feel like I'm in a smaller version of Hakata? Ha ha!

Or I could always take a slightly longer trek and go to Onomichi. I know there isn't much to do there either except go to the top of a small mountain and check out the view and then hike back down and stand in a one-hour line to eat fish-stock ramen. Well, if I say it like that, it doesn't sound very exciting does it? Ha ha! Hopefully it'll be more fun than it sounds...

I'll try one of them (if the weather is nice) and then let you know whether it was worth it or not. I still say, even two days later that Miyajima definitely was!

Have a great day and let me know if you have any recommendations to try out on my 'travels of a tourist' days off in the near future!