Party on!

Good morning everyone,

It's going to be a gorgeous fall day today with sunny skies and a high of around 14C. Tomorrow will be almost as nice. It'll be sunny in the morning but we may see some clouds in the afternoon and a slight chance of rain later in the day. In fact, the whole week will be pretty much the same-from today through next Friday the weather will be around 13C or 14C and a mix of sun and clouds. That's sounds pretty good after the last two days, eh?

I know it's taken a while but I've finally decided on some details for the Christmas Party.
christmas party
The party will be on December 22nd and will be held at my school. It'll start from 6 and go till 10. The fee will be ¥2000 and I will provide food and drinks.

I  haven't decided on the details for food yet, but there will likely be fried chicken, salad, pizza and anything cool I  can find at Costco...ha ha! If there is anything you'd like to request for food, let me know!  I'll try to fill all requests. Sorry-no caviar, truffles or foie gras!  Ha ha!  What do you expect for ¥2000
gingerbread house 

As for drinks-there will be beer, wine-red and white, soft drinks (oolong tea, juice, etc), some sake and some sparkling wine for the first toast!

There will also be a small gift exchange, so please bring a small present with a value of around ¥1000 to put under the tree.
christmas gifts
If you've been to one of my parties before, this one will be a bit different. We will have dinner and a couple of drinks from 6 till 7 or so and then there will be games/activities. Some of them will be Christmas themed, some of them will be Western-style games and some of them will be...well, I  don't know yet...ha ha!  But hopefully, they'll all be fun. If there are any Western games you'd like to learn about, please ask me beforehand and I'll try to do them too!
christmas games
All you need to do is let me know if you're coming. I need to know a few days before so I can make sure I  have enough food, drinks and stuff planned! You must RSVP by December 17th! You can let me know by mail, phone or in person

Have a great day!