Good times, bad times...

Good morning everyone,

Well, I don't know about Hiroshima, but the weather in Fukuoka yesterday was much better than they predicted. It didn't rain at all and was actually sunny by the end of the day. Today and tomorrow back here in Hiroshima will be sunny and seasonal-highs around 21C. The weather has been so strange this spring, I swear it's the first time I've seen the weather actually be 'normal' for this time of year! Ha ha! It'll warm up from Friday, but the weather should stay sunny for all of you people enjoying a Golden Week holiday...

As most of you may already know, I headed to Fukuoka after work Monday to catch up with some old friends.

That was definitely one of the good parts-they are both doing well and it was great to see them.

Originally we had planned to go out for 'motsu nabe', but they didn't bother trying to make a reservation till Monday morning and, as you know, yesterday was a holiday so all of the best shops were already booked.(I had forgotten how lackadaisical Kiwis are about making plans...ha ha!) When I got there, they gave me the option of us heading downtown to try our luck at finding a place or to just go to a food stall. Having finished a full day of work and a train ride to Fukuoka, I didn't feel like walking around looking for a shop so I said a food stall was fine. And the food was fine...However, we didn't make a good choice about the place. The woman who was running the place was trying to cram as many people as possible into the stall. I would say there was room for about 7 people comfortably or 10 people if it was a bit tight...they had 15 people squeezed around the table.
Take this picture and add about 4 people-I'm not exaggerating! I could barely breathe-let alone lift my arms to eat or drink...ha ha! It wasn't the relaxing, chatty image I had of a Hakata food stall at all, even though it was just as overpriced as I remember...ha ha! I probably won't be going back to one of those in Fukuoka anytime soon...

After dinner, we headed home (well, they went to their apartment and I went to my hotel). I stayed at Dormy Inn. I still swear by that place. It's the same chain that I stayed in when I went to Tokyo for the marathon. If you're looking for a place with rooms big enough to walk around in, you'll be disappointed, but everything else is great! The bed was comfortable. The hotel has a hot spring on the 2nd floor (and, unlike Tokyo, I believe this one was a 'real' natural hot spring, fed with spring water).
fukuoka-hot spring 

And they serve free ramen between 9 and 11pm every night!

 And the breakfast buffet was so great!

I had 'Mizutaki' soup for's a kind of local chicken soup. It was great! I went back for seconds! And they also had sakuramochi! I had two of those too!

But before breakfast I...well actually I'll save that one for tomorrow's blog...

Have a great day!