Would you like a warm Coke with that?

Good morning everyone,

This unseasonably hot weather is going to stick around for a couple more days, but it'll cool down (?) to more seasonal highs in the mid 20s by early next week. There's still a chance of rain on Wednesday and cloudy weather on Monday and Tuesday. Tomorrow and Sunday are still looking fantastic! Anybody wanna' have a picnic on Sunday? Oh wait...I have to work...forget about it! Ha ha!

When I first got to Japan, it was hard for me to enjoy going on picnics because I liked my food hot or cold (not room temperature) and my drinks cold and all the food was room temperature. It didn't matter whether it was fried chicken, an onigiri (those rice ball-things) or potato salad. It was all one temperature. Now that I've been here for ages (way too long if you ask my mother), I've got used to it and find it easy to eat cold fried chicken...in fact I've eaten pretty much everything at room temperature-including miso soup. Although I wouldn't recommend either miso soup or coffee at room temperature, it can be done in a pinch!

I still like my drinks hot or cold though and it's pretty much a seasonal thing for me (unless it's beer of course-you only ever drink warm beer once and then never again!). However, it seems like more and more people are having drinks at room temperature.
room temperature drinks
These days convenience stores are getting in on the act too. Lawson, Family Mart and Daily Yamazaki all sell drinks at room temperature proclaiming them to be easier to drink for people with sensitive teeth and better for your digestion. Are you one of those people who believe that cold drinks are better for your digestive system? I think it's hogwash! Humans have been drinking cold water for thousands of years. If you've ever had water from a stream (I wouldn't recommend Ota River), you know that it's freezing cold! I can't believe that our bodies need room temperature water when we've only been living in heated houses and had running water for a few hundred years.

However, one salaryman gave a good reason for wanting a room temperature drink. He wanted to throw it in his bag and didn't want the condensation from the bottle to get everything in his bag wet. It's logical and makes sense...(but if you ask me, wouldn't it make more sense to bring the bottle from home and save yourself the $1.50!) ha ha!

Anyway, if you're one of those people who think that room temperature drinks are better for your health, easier to drink, help your body absorb medicine or just don't want them to sweat in your bag, you can now get them at a convenience store near you! How long do you think it'll be till we can find ice coffee, hot coffee and room temperature coffee in vending machines? Ha ha!

Have a great day!