Japanese media...

Good morning everyone,

Well, it's a bit cooler today...not cool enough to say that autumn is officially here, but I didn't start sweating till after I'd been running for a few minutes whereas in the middle of summer I'm usually sweating within 1 second of getting out of the shower! Ha ha! They are calling for a chance of rain on Thursday and Friday but it really depends on which route the typhoon takes (it won't pass near us at all, but we may see some rain from it). The rest of the week will see highs in the mid 20s and a mix of sun and clouds.

Did you hear about the Japanese swimmer who was kicked out of the Asian Games for stealing? Probably not. The news was conspicuously absent from Japanese news programs and newspapers. I found it tucked away on the last page of a newspaper and not once did I hear it mentioned on tv. Why is this important? Well, to be honest, it isn't important at all...

...except...except for pointing out the unfair, biased and downright racist reporting by Japanese newspapers. The papers are always searching for wrongdoing by 'foreigners', particularly Chinese and Koreans, but anyone will do in a pinch...as long as they AREN'T Japanese...ha ha!

Can you imagine what the news would have been like if a Korean or Chinese swimmer had stolen a Japanese reporter's camera? (It was a Korean member of the press whose camera was stolen.) Actually, I can't imagine at all! It would still be big news! Ha ha! Ok...so maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but it frustrates me the way that news is reported in Japan. Every other country is full of criminals out to steal, murder and take advantage of the gentle, kind, innocent Japanese person and Japan is full of peace-loving, honest people who only want to help foreigners feel welcome...well, that's what the newspapers want us to believe anyway.

Why can't they just report the news that matters and leave the decision about how to judge a person or people up to us? We can think for ourselves, right? I don't want the papers to tell me how to think. I'll decide all by myself, thank you very much! 

Ok...so that's my rant for this week...stay tuned for the next one-coming soon! Ha ha!

Have a great day!