Mad skills

Good morning everyone,

It was a pretty warm ride home last night and actually today, tomorrow and Sunday will all be warmer than usual for this time of year-it'll be between 21C and 23C every day. Unfortunately, it'll also be rainy...yeah, so it looks like the rain is coming a bit earlier than they had originally forecast. We'll see rain late this evening and it'll continue until Sunday evening or so...From Monday, the skies should clear up, which is good news for those of us running in the Peace Marathon, but the temperature will drop and we'll have  lows in the morning below 10C from next week! I'll probably need to dig out my long johns before next week (and I'm not joking this time)!

As some of you may remember, I updated my laptop from Vista to Windows 7 (which was a great choice, by the way). It's going great! I wish I had done it 6 months earlier! Ha ha! Now, I can visit almost any website without my computer freezing and when I chat with my parents, we don't get cut off any more. It's great.

The only downside was not being able to access my work email The problem was that I was trying to access it through 'Outlook' when I should have been using 'Outlook'. ?!?!?! Yeah, I know. It doesn't make sense to me either! Is there a difference? Apparently there is...just don't ask me!

That's why I called my friend who helped me with my website. He swung by my school and set up my email to work with the new OS in about 15 minutes, which included about 13 minutes of explaining what he was doing! Ha ha!

I definitely studied the wrong subject when I was in school!

How about you? Are you good with computers?

Have a great day!