Attack of the Zombies!

Good morning everyone,

Today is looking like it's going to start out nice enough-it'll be sunny and warm with a high of 17C. After this morning, the weather goes all downhill. Starting this afternoon sometime we can expect to see some rain and that rain will continue overnight and into tomorrow. Tuesday won't rain here in the city-but some parts of Hiroshima Prefecture may see some snow. Tuesday is looking downright cold. Every time I check the forecast it gets colder and colder. Now they are calling for a high of 7C (that hasn't changed) but the low will be 1C...that's right! The low on Tuesday morning will be only 1C. I better dig out my gloves and hat before I head off for my run on Tuesday morning! The rest of the week will be slightly warmer, but only slightly. Lows will be between 1C and 3C and highs will reach a peak of 10C. Those temperatures are well below normal for this time of year.

I saw in the newspaper this morning that some truck driver rear-ended a bus because he was playing with his smartphone at the time. Fortunately no one was seriously hurt...this time. But it's only a matter of time till someone causes a serious accident while on a phone. I swear I see people doing it every day-and not just one or two either, it's epidemic! It's become such a big problem that there's now a term to describe people whose eyes are glued to their phones-smartphone zombies. Have you ever been attacked by one? I have for sure! Ha ha! I feel like it's good training for me going up and down Hondori (the shopping arcade in Hiroshima) dodging all of the people who are walking with their eyes focused on their phones and looking up every now and then (or sometimes not at all). One of these days, just for fun, I'm not going to move out of the way those zombies just to see how many of them bump into me...ha ha!

With all the time I spend on sidewalks on roads between riding to and from work and running three or four times a  week, I'm bound to see almost anything. I wish I had a camera that I could attach to my hat or something, because I see people doing some strange things almost every day! Yesterday I saw a businessman passed out in a door entrance near a convenience store-that's not that strange, But the funny part was that he had taken off his shoes and placed them neatly beside him. I really should have stopped and taken a picture.

The other day I found a new type of person to annoy me on my morning ride to work. The source of my irritation this time? People who walk their dogs with really long leashes on small sidewalks. The dogs didn't get in my way (they most have sensed that if they did, I was just going to run them over-dogs are smarter than people sometimes...ha ha!) but I saw them trip up more than one person as they ran back and forth across the sidewalk creating tripwires for passersby while the owner was completely oblivious to the problems it caused other people using the sidewalk. That was another photo-op lost...

And, of course, the wildlife I see while running along the river is amazing! The other day I must have seen almost a hundred egrets (or herons) flying in formation (like a vee). It was amazing! I've seen ducks do it hundreds (maybe thousands) of times back home, but to see those birds do it was pretty cool. Maybe I should buy Google glasses...
google glass
...somehow I can't see me running in them, can you? Especially when a pair will set you back a cool $1500...hmmm...I'll pass thanks! I'll probably invest in a $50 holder for my phone instead...that sounds more within my budget...

Have a great day!