New cafe in Tokyo

Good morning everyone,

Are you one of those people who likes rainy weather? If so, you're going to be in a pretty good mood for the next three or four days. The forecast is calling for rain each of those days. The next day we might see the sun is Thursday. It's also the next time we'll see the mercury climb back up to 30C.

Do you want to know where the longest lines will be in Tokyo outside of Disneyland this fall? I can't say for sure, but if I had to guess, I'd say here.
peanuts cafe logo

That's right! The Peanuts Café is coming to Japan...well, Tokyo anyway. I can't imagine we'll ever get one here in Hiroshima. Before we get into the details about the café, I'd like to clear up one thing. Snoopy is not the main character in the comic/cartoon (it was a comic first, but also became a cartoon). Snoopy is the pet dog of the main character-Charlie Brown. I guess Snoopy is cute, so he's popular in Japan, plus 'Snoopy' is easier to say for Japanese people too.

Anyway, back to the café-which looks awesome by the way!

It's opening on October 2nd in Tokyo, in the Naka-Meguro area to precise. It features a lot of foods, sweets and drinks, all of which are based on characters from the comic. The shop will also sell t-shirts, cookies and other assorted items.

I'm not one to jump at the chance to go to an anime themed restaurant, but the food at this one actually looks well thought out. Rather than just making a regular cake and putting a 'Snoopy' shaped chocolate on it, they've actually made food that matches the comic.

Here's one example...Snoopy sometimes takes a bunch of young Beagle puppies on camping trips. And for us, camping means S'mores. If you've never had a S'more, then you've never really gone camping...ha ha! But in the comic, Snoopy makes a special kind of 'Beagle S'more' which they serve at the café.

There are also sliders, which are newly popular in Japan. Have you ever had a slider? Basically, it's a mini-hamburger and they are often served in sets of 3 or so, so that rather than having one big burger, you can enjoy three or more different tastes. It's exactly suited to the Japanese way of eating I think, so I wonder why they've taken so long to catch on here.

There are also some delicious-looking coffees!

Well, I can't say for sure whether those are coffees or not. I don't know about you, but I prefer my coffee in a cup with nothing in it but coffee and water. I'll let you put milk and sugar in it and still call it 'coffee'. However, as soon as you start adding anything else, it's no longer 'coffee', is it? Ha ha! Having said that, they still look delicious!

I wonder how long it'll be before the lines are short enough for me to be able to year? two years? Next time somebody goes to Tokyo, please swing by and check it out for me!

Have a great day!