Finally, a fun run!

Good morning everyone,

It's turning out to be a perfect weekend for me-weather wise. Yesterday was a bit chilly and cloudy in the morning during my run and today is going to be warm and sunny with a high of around 16C. Tomorrow will be pretty much the same, but it'll turn cooler and wetter mid-week with a chance of rain on both Wednesday and Thursday. After the rain, it's going to be cold again-highs on Friday and Saturday are expected to be in the low teens.

I ran a the Miyajima Cross Country race on Sunday and it was the first time in ages that I was able to run pain-free. I can't remember the last time I was able to go all-out for the entire race. Of course my time wasn't that great-I haven't been training that much these days. It's hard to get out and go for a run when your feet hurt and then you just end up plodding along for the run. It's no fun.

What was fun, was being able to run for the whole race.

What was even more fun, was having a few beers and a lot of oysters after the race!

Seriously though, there have been times this past year when I was seriously considering giving up running altogether. I still don't know exactly when or how I first injured my right Achilles. But that injury led to my left groin injury (because I was using my left leg too much to support the right one) and then just as I was starting to recover from the right Achilles injury, I hurt the left one. Ha ha! I thought I might have to enter the next race in a wheelchair instead of running.

Anyway, as Shakespeare famously said, "All's well that ends well". This was the last race of the year for me (the next one is the first week of January), so I can end the year on a good note-take a few days off to relax and rest my weary bones and start getting ready for next year!

How about you? Is there anything big you have to or want to get ready for for next year?

Have a great day!