One down...

 Good morning everyone,

It's looking like it's going to be around the low 30s all week for you guys-does it seem cooler than it was? Yesterday was so hot here! It was around 35C! Today will be a bit cooler and then it's going to be downright cold tomorrow-the overnight low is expected to be somewhere around 10C. I mentioned that there were a few things I wanted to do when I got to Toronto in yesterday's blog.

Last night I went to a sports bar and watched the Jays game (they lost-but they're still in first place). I had wings and they were fantastic! And I had Steam Whistle beer (again) and it was fantastic!

But I learnt something about my portion sizes...I'm definitely a small eater. I had an order of wings. We call them a 'pound of wings', which is basically about 450g-but that's including the bones. And if you know anything about wings, you know that they are about 80% bone with hardly any meat on them. And that's it...that's all I had for dinner. And I was stuffed. I was so stuffed in fact, that I couldn't even finish my second glass of beer. How bizarre is that?!

I must be getting old. And I was really, really tired because I got off one stop early and walked...but that's another story...

Have a great day!