Cebu Island Trip: Getting there

Good morning everyone,

It's looking like today and tomorrow are going to be nice and sunny with rain expected on Thursday and then sunny, warm weather back for the weekend.

Ok, so aside from the fact that I wasn't able to access my blog while I was away, a few other things got my trip off on the wrong foot. First of all, even though I checked in really early I was given a middle seat-apparently they had assigned it to me without asking. Have you ever heard of that before? I was ticked. I can't remember the last time I sat in the middle seat. It sucks. Anyway, I was on holiday, right? I wasn't going to let something like ruin my holiday.

I went to have a beer in the lounge while I was waiting and it was nice and relaxing. Then I headed to the check-in counter about 40 minutes before my flight. On the way there, I stopped to buy some water for the flight when I heard an announcement over the PA system, "Last call for flight PR410 to Cebu". What?! Well, I gave up buying the water and headed to the counter. When I got there, the staff made me rush and feel like I was holding up the plane, so I asked what was going on and they said that the departure had been changed to be 15 minutes early. Have you ever heard of that before? I hadn't till then, that's for sure. I still didn't get their sense of panic though, I was still 15 minutes before the early departure, I was a bit annoyed that I was somehow made to feel like I was holding up the plane even though I was there 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Another annoying thing to get me started on my flight.

To make matters worse...wait, you know what. I'm not going to focus on the few little things that happened. Overall, the trip was great!

The hotel was nice, the food was great, the beach was full of white sand and warm water and we had great weather every day except for the first one.

Because the first day had rainy, cloudy weather we decided to just go on a city shopping trip and it was great except for the traffic getting to the city. If you ever go to Cebu, keep your trips off the island of Mactan to a minimum. You'll spend a lot of time in buses...

I'll tell you more about all the great things in detail tomorrow when I have a bit more time...I need to go to work a bit early today to get my email account set up. If anyone has sent an email to me and hasn't heard back, that's why...

Have a great day!