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Major Japanese carriers All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines are offering more options for in-flight meals amid a rise in foreign passengers and fierce competition with low-cost carriers, the companies said.

ANA says most passengers on its international flights were Japanese 30 years ago but about half were foreign in the first quarter of 2016, due largely to an increase in foreign tourists.

To meet the needs of passengers with varied backgrounds, it offers choices of meals without pork for Muslims and without beef for Hindus, as well as kosher food for Jews, for example, an ANA official said.

JAL began offering a choice of meals without certain ingredients such as soba and egg in 2008 after receiving inquiries about whether its food contains allergenic ingredients.

It also provides meals with reduced salt and fat for passengers who need them for health reasons, as well as food for babies and children.

Both companies offer about 20 kinds of such "special" in-flight meals for passengers who request them in advance.

ANA received orders for about 120,000 special meals for international flight passengers in fiscal 2014. The number increased to some 410,000 in fiscal 2016 that ended in March 2017.

The companies said they need to improve their food as a means to differentiate themselves from LCCs that offer paid meal service.

"Updating equipment like widening seat space would take several years. In-flight meals can be made different in a short time," said Shigeo Kamiya of JAL's in-flight meal operation office.

Namiko Tosu of ANA's product development department said, "We hope to continue responding to requests about in-flight meals so everybody will be able to feel at ease aboard regardless of their nationality, age or allergies."

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