When will Japan become self-sufficient?

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It's looking like today will be sunny after all as the forecast is now saying the rain will come tomorrow and last through Tuesday. It's not looking much cooler though-highs all week will be in the low to mid 30s.

The latest data shows Japan continues to depend on imported food.  Japan's Agriculture Ministry says the food self-sufficiency rate in fiscal 2016 fell for the first time in 6 years. 

Ministry officials say the country's food self-sufficiency rate in fiscal 2016 stood at 38 percent, down one percentage point from the previous fiscal year. This makes it second lowest ever. The lowest was 37 percent in fiscal 1993.

It's tough to say if Japan will ever be completely self-sufficient due to the large population and the comparably small size of land for farming. But with increasing technology and a declining population, shouldn't it be increasing...even a little?

Japan continues to have the lowest level of self-sufficiency among developed countries...you'd think with the high level of technology in Japan, someone would have come up with some way to feed the country, wouldn't you?

For comparison, Australia, USA, Canada, and France are all at around 150% whereas only South Korea (44%) and Japan are under 50%.

Let's hope that PM Abe will change his focus to things that are actually important to the people in Japan, rather than important to him and his party.

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