I might buy a bottle just for the fun of it...

Good morning everyone,

The good news is that they are no longer calling for rain today-it'll just be grey and cloudy with a high of 15C. The rest of the week will be a bit sunnier and slowly get cooler and cooler till we're seeing highs around 8C or so the middle of next week. Looks like winter is here for real this time...

Coca-Cola Japan has been setting themselves apart from the competition over the past couple of years by releasing gorgeous limited-time bottles in a variety of stunning designs. Earlier this year they introduced the hugely popular sakura cherry blossom slim design bottle to the market, which became so popular it quickly sold out around the country.

▼ The spring design.

Hot on the heels of the successful product came a new bottle celebrating summer, with fireworks printed all over the front, as a nod to the fireworks events held around Japan during the hottest months of the year.

coke fireworks2 

Now, in autumn, there’s a beautiful autumn-leaf design currently available on shelves, which celebrates the beautiful red, orange and yellow hues seen around Japan at this time of year.

coke autumn

With three collectible bottles grabbing everyone’s attention, it’s no surprise that Coca-cola has just announced its next offering for winter, this time featuring the beautiful buds of plum blossom trees. Called the 2018 New Year Design, the bottle is decorated with red and white plum blossoms, which are pictured alongside a delicate fall of light snow.

▼ Available at retailers around the country from 4 December,
the bottles are set to retail for 125 yen each.

Often seen as decorations during the New Year period, the plum blossoms are a symbol of beauty that people around the country look forward to seeing in the months of January and February, as an early harbinger of spring. Like the blossoms themselves, which don’t last long, these limited-edition Coke bottles will disappear once stocks are sold so be sure to pick one up if you see one during your travels! Actually, pick up two...you know, one for me too!

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