Is it the end or the beginning?

Good morning everyone,

It's looking like we'll have some nice weather for the weekend and for my last half marathon. Highs all weekend and into next week will be in the low to mid 20s and we can expect a mix of sun and clouds for the foreseeable future. It's perfect fall weather, don't you think?

So, today will be my last blog for Urban English School. It's blog number 3,495 if you can believe it!

I want to thank all of you for making my school a success! I know it hasn't been a financial success (just by looking at my bank account...ha ha!), but that's ok. If I wanted to be rich, I never would have become an English teacher and I certainly wouldn't be considering moving to Canada to be a farmer.

Nope. All I want from life is to be able to enjoy the experience and the best way to do that (in my opinion) is by spending time with great people doing the thing(s) that you love. I've been able to that up till now here in Japan thanks to all of you.

And I'm hoping that I'll be able to continue to do it in the next chapter of my life back home in Canada. The first year or so will be rough, I'm guessing. But after that, once things get settled, I'm looking forward to seeing some of you hop on a flight to come visit me in my new life.

I'll also probably start writing a blog or something like it again once I get settled, so make sure you keep in touch on facebook or through my email to find out what it's going to be and when it'll be starting.

Thanks again.

Have a great day!