Stressed out...

Good morning everyone,

It's going to be another gorgeous fall day out there! We're looking at a high of around 16C and mostly sunny skies. It will be cool though-there's a low of only 6C. In fact, most of the week is going to be the same-highs around 16C or 17C and lows around 6C or 7C with sunny weather. Saturday they are calling for rain and then Sunday and Monday are looking cooler with a high of only 12C on Monday!

So, yesterday I ran my second half marathon and beat my time in the first one by exactly 10 minutes. The most exciting part about the race was the fact that I ran the whole thing pain-free. In my first one, I had to run through the pain from about the 13km point till the end. I almost thought about giving up at one point. This time I didn't have any problems-well, just the fact that my body is getting old...ha ha!

A medical study showed that stressed-out men are attracted to overweight women. Do you think so? I wonder if it works the other way too. Do stressed out women find chubby men more attractive? Maybe this is why the marriage rate in Japan is falling-people are becoming more and more stressed out so they want to date an overweight partner but in Japan, it's difficult to find somebody overweight. Hmmm...what's the best solution? Should we find some way to reduce our stress or should people gain some weight? I suppose a doctor would recommend reducing stress, but I'm no doctor so I say you should eat more! Just think-you could eat and drink whatever you wanted whenever you wanted and become overweight and then you can find a partner. That sounds like a dream to me...

Then I'll go back to my chubby body and I'll have stressed out women crawling all over me! Ha ha! The downside is that I'd have to give up running. I don't think I can do that-I like it too much. Hmmm...I guess I'll have to find a woman who isn't stressed to date...ha ha!

How about you? If you are attracted to overweight people, you might be a bit stressed...

Have a good day!


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まとめ【Stressed out...】

Good morning everyone,It's going to be another gorgeous fall day out there! We're looking at a high

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